Design & Build

MFS provides Design & Build services to a variety of sectors including industrial, commercial, and residential. We provide all design and construction services and ensure efficiency and professional completion of the project in the best interest of our clients.

Engineering Integration

MFS integrates electrical, structural, geotechnical, and site/civil engineering departments into solar department. For this reason, in contrast to common practices, MFS ensures that all electrical components are installed properly and every structure is secure to resist the greatest possible hazards including extreme wind pressure effects.

Training, Monitoring, and Maintenance

MFS ensures all clients understand the process from start to finish. Upon completion of each project, our clients will be fully trained to monitor and maintain their systems at optimum efficiency. Additionally, we provide monitoring and maintenance services though out the life of the system.

State-of-the-art Technology

MFS offers a wide variety of equipment options that fit any need. Our customers always have the opportunity to see all their options and the contrasts between them.